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“I have used the Scorpion Wall Plug in many applications and have found it to perform well in every situation – from light fittings in the ceiling to amenities partitioning systems to simple fixings around the home. Always handy, always easy to use and always a performer – it is great that something so small can make life so much easier - congratulations Scorpion.”

“The Scorpion Wall Plug has become an indispensable tool in fixing anything to the wall or ceiling. From a handle in the bathroom to a clothes dryer in the laundry, the Scorpion has never failed to maintain a high standard of wall fixing. I don’t know where I would be without the invention of the revolutionary Scorpion.”

“The Scorpion Wall Plug proved exceptionally strong and easy to use when I used them to hang our tumble dryer on the wall in the laundry. I strongly recommend them to be used in many applications around the home and work place.”

"I am writing to tell you of two experiments I did to determine what Tensile Force Scorpion Wall Plugs could hold:

1. Experiment on 8mm VILLABOARD walls as used in Bathrooms and Wet Areas.

I set up a sturdy frame with Villa board (one metre square) and attached a spring balance with a system of levers. Then drilled an 8.5 mm hole in the centre of the board and attached a Scorpion plug, with a hook, to the spring balance. I then applied a steadily increasing load until, at90kg, a 300mm diameter piece of the Villa board gave way with a bang.

On examination, the Scorpion was in perfect condition with no sign at all of any distortion.

I have found that the Scorpion is a perfect solution for attaching Safety Grab Handles in wet areas with Villa board walls.

   - - -

2. Experiment on an old Gyprock wall.

I drilled an 8.5 mm hole in the wall, in the Gyprock, between the studs and attached a Scorpion plug, with a hook, to the spring balance. Found that the gyprock was soft and crumbled as we tightened the Scorpion and the fingers pulled through the wall with hardly any holding force at all.

To be fair to the Scorpion, any other fastener would have had the same result.

I suggest you make a note to the effect :  Always check the condition of the wall for crumbing or aging etc., before using any type of fasteners on hollow walls."

"I had some Scorpion wall plugs and I needed to put a bracket up on a brick wall.

I drilled 8mm diameter holes, pushed the Scorpion plugs into the holes and fixed the bracket to the wall with the screws.

I found that the bracket was very firm and able to hold a very good load, enclosed are some pictures for your interest."

“I love those Scorpion Wall Plugs, they are my best friend in my tool bag, when doing a house fit out. I wouldn’t be without them for anything.”

“Love the Scorpion wall plugs, cheap, & very effective. We use them for mounting CCTV cameras, light fittings, smoke alarms, and practically anything in Gyprock. Fast delivery and excellent service!! Thanks for the lollies :)”

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